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Why the name ‘Vault 84’?

Why the name ‘Vault 84’?

our brand name is the first thing that your customers see when visiting your website, online store or seeing your products around the internet. It has to be easily recognisable and easy to remember.

I wanted a name to reflect something I’ve been a huge fan of over the many years that I’ve been gaming. I didn’t want to use my own name or online alias like I have for my gaming posters and portfolio.

So the name ‘Vault 84’ is inspired by own of my all time favourite video games Fallout. I’ve been playing the Fallout games since the very beginning, even the top down, isometric PC games. I love games that allow you to scavenge and gather things to improve your equipment or build a base. The Fallout franchise is about surviving a harsh, post apocalyptic world.

Vault 84 posters and stickers inspired by Fallout

Within Fallout there are places known as ‘vaults’. These were built to provide people with shelter for the inevitable nuclear apocalypse. Some of the vaults did not survive, some became inhabited by radiated animals and people and some were taken over by raiders. You never know what you’ll find when venturing into a vault.

When locking down the name of my brand I knew I wanted VaultXX but it was lucky dip as to which domain name was available. At the time I also had to make sure the same name was available on Etsy, back when I sold my travel posters on Etsy. I started off at #1 and worked my way up. Until I reached Vault84. Both the domain name and Etsy store names were available so I quickly snapped them both up. A lot of the other vaultXX domain names were either empty or Fallout related blogs/websites. I must say I feel very lucky to be able to snap up both the .com and .co.uk domain names. I really thought I’d have to be Vault 884.

So there you have it. A little bit of history behind the Vault 84 name. Hopefully Bethesda will never feel the need to want the domain name for whatever they could possibly want for it. There are literally hundreds of possibilities with this name.

I would love to hear your story. Let me know in the comments if you have a brand name and what the story is behind yours.

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